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Freestyle Snowboards

K2 First Lite
Your Best Friend for Freedom, Adventure, and Experience From your first linked turns to your first lap through the park, the K2 First Lite was built to keep you progressing and testing your limits. The First Lite's number one job is this: make turning easier. The shape of the First Lite is a directional twin. This means the board feels the same whether riding left or right foot forward, so you can play while moving in either direction as you discover new terrain. Next, it has a Rocker Profile which is flat in between the bindings and rockered just outside the bindings, and features our Catch Free tune. This results in easy release and initiation of each and every toe or heelside turn. Easier release equals less falls, less time taking breaks, more time on the mountain, and faster progression. We built the First Lite around a sustainably harvested all-wood aspen core, which gives a forgiving flex while remaining playful for popping ollies or hitting your first jumps. Biaxially woven fiberglass hugs the aspen core and gives the board the edge hold needed to handle higher speed as you progress. The package is rounded out with an Extruded 2000 base, forgiving, durable, low maintenance, and always ready for one more run. Whether it's your first day on the hill or the first black diamond of the day, the all-mountain K2 First Lite is a premium women's beginner snowboard that will give you confidence and keep your coming back for more. - Twin - Rocker - Catch-Free Tune - Extruded 2000 Base - Aspen snowboard Core - Biaxial Glass
K2 Lime Lite
Playful and Buttery for the Park Rat in All of Us Pop, press, repeat. We reworked the Lime Lite for the F20 collection to give it a bit more flex and forgiveness, while retaining its devotion to snowboarding's next generation. We focused on maneuverability, weight, and durability, hand-selecting the finest materials to complement this construction; our women's-specific Rhythm core, a true twin shape, and a low-maintenance base. Bringing a freestyle approach to riding the entire mountain, the classic twin silhouette and soft flex of the K2 Lime Lite work hand in hand to help you step onto center stage and push your progression in the park and beyond. It all begins with the Combination Camber profile shape that gives the board liveliness and snap while remaining playful and predictable on all snow types. Camber is placed strategically in between the bindings for stability and pop, and rocker extends from just outside the bindings toward the nose and tail for a hook-free feeling. Tweekend in the tip and tail increases the amount of contact while pressing and buttering, and simply makes it easier to hold presses all the way through the end of the feature. The Lime Lite's Rhythm Core is made from sustainably harvested timber that absorbs chatter and features a flex profile that has been scaled specifically for women riders, while biaxially woven fiberglass hugs the core and gives the board fantastic edge hold on groomers, ice, or tricky approaches. To make sure the board can stand up to daily park lapping, we use a tough but fast Extruded 2000 base that looks as good as it slides. Whether lining up a technical park run or casually cruising to your favorite spot on the hill, The K2 Lime Lite is a classic freestyle women's snowboard that remains a fan and team favorite. - Twin - Combination Camber Baseline - Tweekend - Extruded 2000 Base - Rhythm Core - Biaxial Glass - 4/10 Flex
K2 Manifest Team
Our Riders Spoke Up and We Listened The K2 Manifest Team snowboard is requested, tested, and approved by our talented group of team riders for throwing big tricks on big mountain lines. We focused on upgrading two specifics on the Manifest Team from the original K2 Manifest—speed and responsiveness. To that end, we swapped out the core for our innovative Bambooyah Pro Core, a sustainably harvested all-wood core that damps vibration and focuses power to the edges of the board while remaining stable and lightweight. Next, we upgraded the base to our ultra-premium Carbon Infused 5500 Sintered Base, the fastest and most durable base material in the K2 snowboard line. The remaining tech is comprised of the usual premium suspects you've come to expect from K2—Tweekend in the nose and tail for hook-free predictable turns and deep snow float, Carbon DarkWeb for precision pops and edge response, ICG 20 Triax Fiberglass with tip-to-tail carbon stringers for high speed edge hold and long ridge traverses, and a Combination Camber Profile that adds just enough rocker in the tip and tail for an effortless float in deep snow. The result is a directional twin all-mountain freestyle snowboard that's at home throwing methods in the backcountry or front 3's in the park, and is trusted by K2 pros around the globe. - Directional - Combination Camber Baseline - Tweekend - Racebase - Bambooyah Pro Core - ICG 20 Triax Carbon Glass - Carbon Darkweb - 7/10 Flex
K2 Spellcaster
Medium Flexing All-Mountain Freestyle For The Most Demanding Female Riders Sorcery? Hell yeah! The Spellcaster was designed with the help of The Alliance and packed full of tech to help it live up to their demands. A predictable sidecut, classic freestyle outline, and Combination Camber Profile work in perfect harmony with our RhythmCore, Carbon DarkWeb, and Sintered 4000 Base to complete the package. Don't trust us, trust The Alliance, the magic is real. Fresh from the K2 cauldron, the K2 Spellcaster is an all-new mid-flexing freestyle twin that works its wizardry in the park, street, side hits, and groomers all over the mountain. The Spellcaster's Combination Camber profile puts camber in between the bindings for stability at speed and an insane amount of pop, and rocker just outside the bindings for a playful and predictable feel that presses like magic. The Rhythm Core is constructed with sustainably harvested timber species to damp vibration and provide a flex that is scaled specifically for women riders. Carbon DarkWeb stringers extend at 45 degree angles in both directions from the binding inserts, giving the Spellcaster wicked response for last-minute edge changes on rail approaches, and works in combination with triaxially braided fiberglass to give the board a supernatural amount of edge hold while ripping on groomers or dropping into the jump line. The Sintered 4000 base is tough, durable, and absorbs wax like crazy to let you cast a speed hex on every snow type. When you're on the hunt for a premium women's freestyle snowboard, the K2 Spellcaster is truly a crafty wand for pressing, planting, and cruising all day long. - Twin - Combocam - Sintered 4000 Base - Rhythm Core - Triaxial Glass - Carbon Darkweb - 5/10 Flex
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