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Swix TA3012 Evo Pro Edge Tuner, 110V

Swix TA3012 Evo Pro Edge Tuner, 110V
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Swix Evo Pro Edge tuner is a high precision electrical side edge tuner, developed to restore, maintain and to give the edge a World Cup finish. The EVO is very easy to operate, due to its ergonomically design, quick disc change and easy angle set-up. A key is also that the long lasting diamond disc is independent from the user pressure, as it is attached to a spring, making it impossible to mistakenly change the radius of the ski. The EVO is equipped with a high quality diamond disc, and by using a diamond material, the edge becomes harder and more durable. This ensures enhanced performance, especially on ice and artificially snow. The EVO comes with a FINE polishing disc included. As spare parts COURSE, MEDIUM and FINE are available. 110 Volt.

- For advanced skiers
- Gives perfect results
- Used in the World Cup
- Ski prepping tool
- gives the edges a World Cup finish
- equipped with a high quality diamond disc